Published Papers

On Automation and Robotics
  1. Manufacturing Improvement Network, Information Technology, June 1993.

  2. FMS Approach to ASICs Assembly, Journal of Systems Society of India, Jan 1991.

  3. On Development of Chipnet, Micro-electronic Journal, December 1991.

  4. Robot Maker Chips and Chip Maker Robots, Instruments and Electronics Developments, July-August 1988.

  5. Role of Automation and Robotics in Semiconductor Industry, CSIO Communications, Vol. 14, 1987.

On Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
  1. Controlling with Fuzzy Logic, Information Technology, February 1992.

  2. Expert Systems on Shop floor, Information Technology, July 1992.

  3. Expert Systems for Yield Analysis of ICS, Journal of Systems Society of India, January 1991.

  4. Transputers: Easier Way to Parallelism, Telematics India, March 1990.

  5. Expert Systems for Telecom Applications, Telematics India, July 1990.

  6. Artificial Intelligence in Oil Business, Instruments and Electronics Development, January 1989.

  7. Marketing Artificial Intelligence, Telematics India, August 1989.

  8. Artificial Intelligence and the Chemical World : Expert System Applications in Chemical Analysis, Chemical Synthesis and Chemical Engineering, Journal of IETE, May – June 1988.

  9. Building Expert Systems, Electronics For You, Nov. 1988.

  10. Artificial Intelligence in Business: Experts are Here to Help, Computer Age, July 1987.

On Micro-Electronics and Integrated Circuits
  1. World of Automative Electronics Electronics For You, January 1992.

  2. Smart Cards – The Technology Involved, Information Technology, October 1991.

  3. Relevance of ASIC Design Cenres, Telematics India, April 1990.

  4. New Methodologies for ASIC Design, Electronics For You, September 1990.

  5. Optical Switching through IOCs, Tlematics India, March 1989.

  6. Gallium Arsenide Technology: Strategic Defence Need, Telematics India, July 1989.

  7. Indigenizing Chips: The Pulse-dialer Chip, Telematics India, and February 1988.

  8. Indigenizing Chips:  The Codec Chip, Telematics India, April 1988.

  9. IC for Telephone Sets, Telematics India, April 1988.

  10. Microelectronics: The New Frontiers, Computers and Communications, August 1987.

On Semiconductor Processing and Facilities
  1. Microelectronics and Semiconductor Processing: Stringent Quality Requirements for Chemical Support Systems, Chemical Engineering World, March 1990.

  2. Clean Room Design – Vital Issues,  IETE Technical Review’s Special Issue on Semiconductor Industry, Nove-Dec 1990.

  3. High Pin Count Package – PLCC – The Way to Go, IETE Technical Review’s Special Issue on Semiconductor Industry, Nov-Dec 1990.

  4. Plastic Pin Grid Array: A viable Choice, Electronics For You June 1990.

  5. Surface Mount Technology:  Current Market Trends and Applications,  Electronics For You, May 1990.

  6. Microelectronics and Semiconductor Processing: New Vistas for Chemical Engineers, Chemical Engineering World, May 1988.

On Banking, Finance and Management
  1. IPRs and Implications for India, Facts For You, May 1993.

  2. Globalization: Issues for India, Facts For You, April 1993.

  3. Managing the Networks, Information Technology, November 1992.

  4. Information Technology in Banking, Information Technology, January 1992.

  5. Computer Aided Banking: Trials and Tribulations, The Banker, December 1986.

  6. Managing with Telecom, Telematics India, August 1990.

  7. Cards Smart and No so Smart, PLUS – The Total Computer Magazine, January 1990.

  8. Financial Ratio Models for Predicting Corporate Health: A Critique, Money Matters, February 1989.

  9. A Financial Ratio Analysis Framework to Monitor Corporate Health, Investment Counselor, May 1988.

On Molecular Electronics
  1. Neurocomputing: Of Brains, Neurons and Neural Networks, serialized in, Telematics India, December 1989 and January 1990 issues.

  2. Are we Creating a Brain with a Keyboard Electronics For you, November 1989.

  3. Getting Closer to an Organic Computer, Electronics For You, October 1989.

  4. Can Molecules Compute! Electronics For You, Sept. 1989.

  5. Molecular Electronics: The Successor to Silicon Technology, Electronics For You, August 1989.

  6. Towards Molecular Computers, Telematics India, April 1989.

  7. Life Beyond Silicon Chips, Integration, June 1988.

On Computer Application in Chemical Engineering
  1. Laboratory Information Management System, Information Technology, October 1992.

  2. Software Review: Design of Reactors, Chemical Engineering World, October 1990.

  3. Software Review: Design of Heat Exchangers, Chemical Engineering World, September 1990.

  4. Software Review: Design of Pipelines, Chemical Engineering World, May 1990.

  5. Commercial Process Simulators: Case-Study of DESIGN – II, Chemical Engineering World, April 1990.

  6. Expert System Applications in Chemical Analysis, Chemical Engineering World, March 1990.

  7. CAMP: Computer Aided Maintenance Planning, Chemical Engineering World February 1990.

  8. Plant Monitoring using PMC Computers, Chemical Engineering World, February 1990.

  9. Artificial Intelligence in Oil Exploration, Chemical Engineering World, October 1989.

  10. DBMS Applications in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering World,  October 1989.

  11. Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering Education, Chemical Engineering World, August 1989.

  12. Supercomputer Applications in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering World, June 1989.

  13. Electronic Spreadsheet Applications in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering World, May 1989.

  14. Chemical Engineering with Personal Computers, Chemical Engineering World, February 1989.

  1. Satellite Interactive Network for Knowledge Education and Trading, Information Technology, November 1993.

  2. Training Teachers for Computer Education, Information Technology, May 1992.

  3. Questions MBAs Most Often Ask, Competition Affairs, April 1992.

  4. Careers in Computing, Information Technology, November 1991.

  5. All about HDTV You always Wanted to `See’ but were Afraid to `Switch-on’, Electronics For you, June 1990.

  6. Translantic Fiber Optic Link, Telematics India, May 1990

  7. Carbon Fiber Based Composites, Chemical Engineering World, December 1989.

Book Reviews

  1. Computer Programming Examples for Chemical Engineers, by George Ross, published by Elsevier, Chemical Engineering World, Aug 1990.

  2. Computerized Project Control, by Fulvio Drigani, published by Marcel Dekker, Chemical Engineering World, July 1990.

  3. Computer Aided Process Operations, by Reklaitis and Spriggs, published by Cache-Elsevier, in Chemical Engineering World, August 1989.

  4. Managers Guide to CENTREX, by J Abrahams, published by Artech House in Telematics India, August 1989.

  5. Broadband Data Communication and LANs, by Wilson & Squib published by Collins, in Telematcs India, June 1989.

Doctoral Students

Guided more than 15 PhD students who have graduated in the areas of Energy, Technology and Business Management.

Meenu Mishra

The impact of privatization of Electricity Distribution on Quality of Service: An Analysis for the case Deli, 2000-2007

Ashutosh Karnatak

Asian Gas Grid (AGG): A Critical Analysis of its Feasibility 


Mousumi Das Gupta

Application of Geophysical methods (Well-logs & Seismic) in Coal Bed Methane prospect Evaluation

Atul Razdan

Comparison of Service Quality of select Non-fuel Offering of Three National Oil Companies after Liberalization till 2008

Neelu Jyoti Ahuja

Rule Based Expert System for Seismic Data Interpretation. 

Rishi Diwan

Development of Oleophobic Polymeric Surface induced by Ion beams

Jagannathan Mohan

Development of Post-LEED Energy Mgmt. and Sustainability System Audits for High Occupancy Building

Pankaj Sharma

Experimental Studies on Down Draft Biomass Gasifier based power Generating Unit

B.S. Negi

Factors Influencing Shale Gas Exploration & Exploitation in India


Shyam Pandey

Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of an Ethanol and Diesel Fuelled Partially Premixed Charge Compression Ignition- Direct Injection Engine


Mohammad Yaqoot

Assessment of Barriers to the Dissemination of Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems in Uttarakhand


Debesh C. Patra

Oil Sector reforms in downstream segment: a study of its compatibility with national economic reforms


Ashish Bharadwaj

Business Transformation through Information Technology


Mohammad Washid

Strategic Investment Decision in Petrochemical Industries: A Comparative Study of GCC Countries


Ankur Mittal

Comparative Analysis of Sectoral Mutual Fund Schemes with References to Uttarakhand


Aayushman Gupta

A Study on the Market, Consumer Orientation of Fuelling stations: Case Study on IGL


Raj Kishore Tripathi

Modification and Evaluation of Fuel Injection System for IDI Diesel Engine Fueled with Jatropha Straight Vegetable Oil (JSVO)


Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi

A Study on surface and Groundwater quality of Dehradun and Haridwar Districts of Uttarakhand: Impact Assessment of Urbanization and Industrialization


D.K. Gupta

Study of Wellbore Stability with Varying Borehole Orientation through Stress condition Modeling


Manoj Ghattani

A Study of GOPI Engines