Dr. Parag Diwan


Parag Diwan was brought up in a scholarly family in Chandigarh; his parents taught law and literature at Punjab University. From childhood he imbibed the complexities of the higher education systems, thus, developing an innate desire to contribute to higher education. After completing his degree in Chemical Engineering from Punjab University, he went to Clemson University, the USA where he earned his Master’s in Chemical Engineering which he followed up with a Doctorate in Business Administration from Punjab University. Dr. Diwan passed all his degree programs with top honors.

He began his career with a public sector high technology company, developing application-specific integrated circuits for consumer, space, and defense applications, which was a contemporary pursuit in a rapidly industrializing nation.

It was during his considerable tenure in the corporate world that Dr. Diwan envisioned the growing relevance of academics. It was a time when India, due to its all-pervasive economic reforms, was becoming the destination of choice for FDI. Dr. Diwan was invited to join the All India Management Association (AIMA). As a young Director of AIMA, Dr. Diwan faced the challenge to create a new paradigm for distributed management education that would be affordable to a large number of young graduates and professionals, who made up the emerging workforce of modern India. Today, AIMA-Centre for Management Education (CME) is the largest business school in the private autonomous sector in India.


AIMA-Centre for Management Services (CMS) was Dr. Diwan’s brainchild where, as Director, he launched innovative management services, including the Management Admission Test (MAT) and Corporate Recruitment Test (CoRT), marketing and promotion services, material resource services, accreditation of business schools and management teachers, and so forth. AIMA-CMS is the largest private-sector management services provider in India.


In 2001, Dr. Diwan became the youngest Vice-Chancellor in the country, by becoming the Founder Vice-Chancellor of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES). With UPES, Dr. Diwan created a new framework where the domains of energy and education have intertwined. Thus, was born India’s first domain-focused University providing cutting-edge education and research in Oil, Gas, Power, and the larger transportation sector. Under his dynamic and creative guidance, UPES emerged as the largest creator of talent for the energy sector, offering over 80 specialized graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programs through its Colleges of Engineering, Management, Design, and Law. Dr. Diwan is committed to offering a responsible and future-oriented education, encompassing sustainable and optimal use of energy resources, innovative research, community development initiatives, and path-breaking academic programs. In 2014, he led the strategic alliance of UPES with Laureate Education, Inc., USA, a network of over 80 Universities in 22 countries with a combined student base of over a million students.


​Post his 15 years-long stints at UPES, Dr. Diwan was involved for a couple of years to set-up undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Energy, Infrastructure, and Transportation (EIT sectors), at Laureate Universities in Mexico, Malaysia, Cyprus, and Turkey. Additionally, he was engaged with various Educational Groups in developing the blueprint and subsequent the enactment of universities in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Meghalaya.

​For the last few years, he is an evangelist and advisor to many universities and HE institutions working on the advent of the 4th industrial revolution. He firmly believes that to keep pace with the 4th Industrial Revolution, education should also transform into what he calls Education 4.0.

​Dr. Diwan has won several individuals and institutional awards for outstanding contributions in the field of education and social causes including those at London and Houston. He was also awarded a prestigious Hewlett Packard fellowship for his work in the field of online education.


Dr. Diwan remains a young, creative, innovative, and forward-thinking force in education.